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Membership & Benefits

Becoming a member of Phoenix Theatre Company brings you so much more than being a part of a local drama group. Our membership is a modest £15 per year plus £5 joining fee for new members for our season of two plays plus access to workshops and other great events. 

Click here to join now or see below for the great benefits being a Member of Phoenix gets you:


- Exclusive mailing list of upcoming productions, auditions, industry events and contacts, fundraisers and social events before anyone else

- Access to our secret Facebook group and Phoenix Community

- Entry to our annual fundraiser raffle

- Buy one get one free on the opening night of our productions

- Access to West-End workshops and acting lessons

- Open Monologue Nights - turn up, perform your favourite monologue and have a drink

- Social events throughout the year and organised theatre trips

Convinced? Click here to join now

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